A Walk Through Pacific Supermarket

If you’re visiting Hawaii and want to do something a little unusual, random, and a bit off-the-wall, then maybe consider checking out one of Oahu’s Asian supermarkets. We’ve got a few, but the two largest ones are located in the old plantation town of Waipahu. Let’s take a walk through Pacific Supermarket to see what interesting food items we can find! You might even find something to take back home with you.

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Tanioka’s Seafoods & Catering: A Hawaii Food Institution

A visit to Tanioka’s Seafoods & Catering is like taking a crash course in Local Hawaiian Grinds 101. Founded in 1978 by Mel and Lynn Tanioka, this contemporary delicatessen has been serving local delicacies for nearly 30 years. Tanioka’s is as close as you can get to an IRL cheat sheet of local foods.

Located in the old plantation town of Waipahu, Tanioka’s popularity stems from their successful catering business, however, that doesn’t stop locals from standing in line (out the door and often in the hot sun) for some local comfort food. If Hawaii’s okazuya and crack seed shops of yesteryear were to have a baby, Tanioka’s would be it. And trust me, that baby is oh so delicious.

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Exploring the Pearl Harbor Bike Path With A Felt Bike and Brompton Foldable

Last February I bought a bike from my cousin, Joshua. The Brougham by Felt Bicycles is a beautiful chrome fixed gear bike with a flip-flop hub complete with both a freewheel and a fixed cog. The chrome and and white is in line with its simple and clean look. Once the bike switched hands, though, it turned into a single-speed bike. The thought of riding a fixie without brakes horrified me. Especially since I hadn’t rode a bike since, well, probably elementary school. It took some time, seven months to be exact, before White Nightmare (that’s what Josh named his bike) saw the light of day again. There were a few hiccups, but she got the job done.

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