Photos from the 18th Annual Honolulu Festival

Despite living in Hawaii my whole life I never made it a point to attend the Honolulu Festival. This changed last month whenI attended the 18th Annual Honolulu Festival. The theme of this years festival was bonding together, hand in hand.

Photography Sights

Vintage Video Taken on Victory Over Japan Day, August 14, 1945

I recently stumbled upon a short film compiled by Richard Sullivan. The footage was taken from video that his father shot more than 65 years ago on August 14, 1945. On that day, Japan officially surrendered during World War II.

Activities Beaches Sights

Welakahao Outrigger Catamaran: An Excellent Sunset Cruise in Waikiki

Watching the sunset on a beach in Hawaii is great. Watching the sunset in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with Israel Kamakawiwaole playing in the background and a drink in hand is even better. The Welakahao Outrigger Catamaran [Update 12/1/2011: the catamaran was recently renamed the Waikiki Rigger]. offers just that and I got to experience this sunset cruise this past Sunday with Michelle.