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15 Sweet Pineapple Treats That You Can Buy From The Dole Plantation

If you’re looking to go on a pineapple pilgrimage then look no further than the Dole Plantation. Sometimes I make the drive out to the Dole Plantation just for a cone filled with their famous Dole Whip, other times I visit just to get lost in their famous two and one-half mile garden maze. With each visit I’m always impressed by the sheer amount of pineapple themed edible treats in their gift shop. Let’s take a look at just a handful of their sweet pineapple offerings.


Christmas Tree Hunting in Hawaii at Helemano Farms

On the mainland, it’s not uncommon for families to go to a Christmas tree farm to choose a Christmas tree to bring home and then decorate. In Hawaii, not so much. Here, we are usually stuck with whatever local stores have sitting inside Matson shipping containers. These are Christmas trees that are shipped to us from the mainland. SPAM is not the only thing thats coming to us from Minnesotta, our Christmas trees do too. So I was taken by surprise and became very enthused when I learned of a local Christmas tree farm that was just a thirty minute drive away. A tropical island in the middle of the Pacific … with a Christmas tree farm? Yep.