Welcome To Hawaii: Timelapses and Giggles

I got a new tripod for Christmas. And I already had an iPhone 6 Plus in my pocket. Then, Joel went on winter break from medical school. Then, Ryan decided to visit from Boston. Time to make a video!

You early Exploration: Hawaii readers might vaguely recall that I used to post a bunch of timelapse stuff back in the day. And then I stopped. I’m back. The iPhone 6 made it fun again. Did I mention that I shot this completely with an iPhone 6 Plus? Oh, I also picked up a remote for my DSLR and some other interesting gear. Can’t wait to do some fun time-lapse stuff with that soon, too!

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The First Hawaiian Sunset of 2015

I guess that if you do one thing enough times, it becomes a tradition. It has become a tradition for Exploration: Hawaii to capture the first Hawaiian sunset of every new year. In 2012, we said hello to the new year at Waimea Bay. In 2013, we found ourselves on an empty beach in Maile. In 2014, we caught a beautiful sunset at Ko Olina. And in 2015, we ushered in the new year by driving the farthest west that we could, to Keawaula Beach on the Waianae Coast.

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A Pokai Bay Sunset

It was one of those, “hey, let’s go shoot the sunset” kind of days. Of course, there’s no better place to catch the sunset on Oahu than the west side. You’re guaranteed a show from any beach along Oahu’s Leeward Coast, really. We chose Pokai Bay, with the hope that we would get to see one of those purple and pink cotton candy sunsets. It wasn’t meant to be. No complaints, though, as the sunset was spectacular nonetheless.

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