Ahnate’s Jalapeno SPAM Breakfast Burrito and Miscellaneous Camping Food Photos

We had so many food photos from our recent camping trip at Bellows, that I thought they deserved their own post. From bibingka (filipino mochi) to “wooden candy” (an Indian snack) to marinated chicken from Kalihi Super Meats. We had a wide variety of ethnic foods that sort of blended well together, or maybe not. We had left over chow mein (from dinner the night before) that made for a good early morning dish once heated up on the mini grill. We also indulged on Mega Stuf Oreos. I highly recommend those Mega Stuf Oreos. And we also had a breakfast invention conceptualized by Ahnate, our resident breakfast guru. He whipped up delicious jalapeno SPAM breakfast burritos. They really hit the spot after a morning of sunrise watching. SPAM fanatics, I’ve posted the recipe below.

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