Favorites: Mulvadi Pancakes + Hawaiian Coconut Syrup

Pancakes, I love pancakes. I accidentally discovered Mulvadi’s Gourmet Pancake Mix when, a few months ago, a bag mysteriously found its way into our kitchen cabinet. I’ve been buying them in batches ever since.


Ahnate’s Jalapeno SPAM Breakfast Burrito and Miscellaneous Camping Food Photos

We had so many food photos from our recent camping trip at Bellows, that I thought they deserved their own post. From bibingka (filipino mochi) to “wooden candy” (an Indian snack) to marinated chicken from Kalihi Super Meats. We had a wide variety of ethnic foods that sort of blended well together, or maybe not. We had left over chow mein (from dinner the night before) that made for a good early morning dish once heated up on the mini grill. We also indulged on Mega Stuf Oreos. I highly recommend those Mega Stuf Oreos. And we also had a breakfast invention conceptualized by Ahnate, our resident breakfast guru. He whipped up delicious jalapeno SPAM breakfast burritos. They really hit the spot after a morning of sunrise watching. SPAM fanatics, I’ve posted the recipe below.


Lanipo Trail: A Rollercoaster of a Trail up Mau’umae Ridge

Lanipo has been a long time coming. This particular hike, also known as Mauumae Ridge, has been on my hiking radar for a few months now. It has a reputation for being one of the more difficult (state maintained) east-side trails.