Pacific Aviation Museum at Pearl Harbor

Looking for a piece of aviation (and World War II) history during your visit to Hawaii? If so, then the Pacific Aviation Museum is a must visit. Located on Ford Island in the middle of historic Pearl Harbor, the Pacific Aviation Museum is home to a fine collection of aircrafts, including a P-40 fighter and a civilian plane that was airborne and shot during the attack, and a MiG-15 and F-86 Sabre aircraft which flew during the Korean War.

Events Sights

Steel Beach Picnic and a Tour of the Battleship Missouri

With summer winding down and to celebrate National Relaxation day (yes, that’s a thing), my wife, friends, and some academic contemporaries decided to enjoy a sunset picnic at the Battleship Missouri Memorial at Pearl Harbor. Embarrassingly, this would be my first time visiting the Mighty Mo. I was excited.


Exploring the Pearl Harbor Bike Path With A Felt Bike and Brompton Foldable

Last February I bought a bike from my cousin, Joshua. The Brougham by Felt Bicycles is a beautiful chrome fixed gear bike with a flip-flop hub complete with both a freewheel and a fixed cog. The chrome and and white is in line with its simple and clean look. Once the bike switched hands, though, it turned into a single-speed bike. The thought of riding a fixie without brakes horrified me. Especially since I hadn’t rode a bike since, well, probably elementary school. It took some time, seven months to be exact, before White Nightmare (that’s what Josh named his bike) saw the light of day again. There were a few hiccups, but she got the job done.

Photography Sights

Vintage Video Taken on Victory Over Japan Day, August 14, 1945

I recently stumbled upon a short film compiled by Richard Sullivan. The footage was taken from video that his father shot more than 65 years ago on August 14, 1945. On that day, Japan officially surrendered during World War II.