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Yelp Hawaii’s Yelpapalooza at Hawaiian Brian’s

Yelp Hawaii sure knows how to throw a party! The latest Yelp Hawaii shindig was held at the newly renovated Hawaiian Brian’s. You know, that run down entertainment bar on Kapiolani Boulevard. Well, it’s no longer a run down entertainment bar. It’s looking pretty good, actually. I admit, it’s probably been more than 10 years since I’v been inside of Hawaiian Brian’s. It’ highly likely that I was still an undergraduate at the University of Hawaii Manoa the last time that I threw darts and drank a beer there. It’s changed since then, and for the better.


Yelp Uncaged 2012 at the Honolulu Zoo: Free Food, Craft Beer, and Unicorns

Imagine going to a party. At a zoo. With free food. And beer. Really good craft beer. And unicorns.

I went to that party.