Hawaii Starscapes: East and West Coast Milky Ways

The last few days have been ideal for astrophotography due to dark and fairly clear night skies. The New Moon was on Saturday and the Moon would be dim for a few days before and after allowing the stars to be most visible. On Friday, Jose and I headed West towards Kaena Point as Kaena is one of the least light polluted spots on the island. On Monday, Will and I would head East towards the Makapu’u Lighthouse trail to take pictures in one of the darkest spots on the Eastern coast.

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Haleakala Backpacking Adventure Night 3: The Milky Way, Shooting Stars, and Caves

Our third night at Haleakala would prove to be the most memorable for me. Earlier in the day, we had explored a nearby lava tube. The lava tube is fairly out of the way and there are no markers, just a rough trail leading to it. Basically, if you don’t know where it is then I imagine that it would be quite difficult to locate, despite being less than a mile from Holua Cabin. With these conditions in mind, imagine exploring the lava tube during the dead of night. This was the most memorable night on Haleakala.

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Waikiki Historic Trail: Conquering the Educational Honolulu Urban Hike at Night

Throughout the most popular spots in Waikiki exists 23 markers for an urban trail. While it is easy to stumble upon a few of them simply by chance, visiting all takes some effort. Most of the markers are wooden surfboards with both images and text that narrate the history of Waikiki. Building upon the efforts of Troy Solano, I was able to finish the whole trail over 2 days while also practicing long exposure night shots.

Troy became interested in the urban hike a few months ago after finding an essay documenting all the markers. Despite becoming the laughing stock of the hiking community for his ridiculous mission, Troy would finish the trail over 3 days. The final day of his hike also included me and allowed me to see a few of the markers before attempting the whole thing at night. The following will list all the markers locations as well as images from nearby locations. Detailed information about what is found on the markers can be found here.

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A Mauna Kea Sunset and Stargazing Adventure with Hawaii Forest & Trail

For our recent 4-day adventure to the Big Island, we decided that wanted to visit the summit of Mauna Kea. To get to the summit, one must drive up the infamous Saddle Road. Many locals will tell you that Saddle Road is a very dangerous road to drive on. In fact, a portion of the 16 mile road, just past the visitor center, is unpaved and very rugged. To aid in our excursion through Saddle Road and to maintain the limited warranty on our rental vehicle, we decided on going with a tour group led by Hawaii Forest & Trail. The last thing that we needed was a flat tire on our Mustang at 13,000 feet with no cellular signal available [1].