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Haleakala Backpacking Adventure Day 2: Kapalaoa Cabin to Paliku Cabin

Day two of our Haleakala backpacking adventure started off very early for me. I had a hard time falling asleep between the symphony of snores and tossing and turning in my bunk. When I did fall asleep, it didn’t last for very long. I awoke just as the sun was rising, to the sound of John rearranging his backpack and Mike boiling water in the kitchen. For breakfast, I had one of Joel’s famous Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies, hot chocolate, and some almonds. While preparing for the days hike, I made sure to apply some moleskin to some problem areas on my feet that I noticed the day before. By 9am, we were all packed and ready to leave Kapalaoa Cabin.


Kauai: Always Returning by Philip Bloom

I recently stumbled upon an awesome short film shot by Philip Bloom, titled Kauai: Always Returning. The short was shot by Bloom 2 years ago for the Kauai Visitor Information Channel. The footage caught by Bloom is absolutely breathtaking. Bloom was able to capture the essence of Kauai through his camera lens. Oahu might be the island that I call home, but, Kauai is the island that I consider to be the most beautiful. Blooms footage reaffirms this. The footage was shot completely on a Canon EOS 5D Mark II (I am sure that if it had been shot today then he would be using a Canon EOS 5D Mark III.