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Kaena Point From Mokuleia: Bunkers, Legends, and Old Railways

I love exploring the north and west shores leading up to Kaena Point, primarily because I think it is the last stretch of wild coastline on Oahu. Once you step beyond where the paved roads end in both Mokuleia and Waianae, you are instantly surrounded by beautiful coastal terrain, cultural sites, and remnants of a historical past once dominated by plantations and the military.


Puu Hapapa: Surveying the Waianae Range at 2883 feet

If I had to sum up Puu Hapapa in three words, those three words would be: short, thrilling, and exhilarating. This actually was not my first attempt at Hapapa. Last February I was scheduled to hike it with a few other people. However, it ended up pouring rain within the first 15 minutes of the hike. Due to the unforeseen circumstances, Joel, Ahnate, and I decided that it would be best to pass on the rest of the hike and instead go, ummm, bowling. Hey, bowling, beer, and comfort food is a nice alternative to wet hiking! Four months later, we returned to Puu Hapapa. Fortunately for us, the skies were clear and the trail was nice and dry. Today’s crew would be Exploration: Hawaii regulars, Joel and Ahnate, plus my good buddy John, who just returned from a stint in Afghanistan. John was game for an epic hike and so were the rest of us. Hapapa was on like Donkey Kong.