Beaches Hikes

Visiting The Tragic Puu Pehe – Lanai’s Sweetheart Rock

Puu Pehe, also referred to by locals as The Sweetheart Rock, is one of Lanai’s most iconic landmarks. Located just off of theĀ southern coastline, Puu Pehe is situated between Manele Bay and Hulupoe Bay. The 80-feet islet is roughly a 45 minute walk from theĀ Four Seasons Resort Lanai at Manele Bay.


Maniniholo Dry Cave On Kauai’s North Shore

The Maniholo dry cave makes for a short and fun stop if traveling to the north shore of Kauai. The cave is located at the bottom of Kaiwikui Ridge and across from Haena Beach Park. Maniniholo means “travelling reef surgeonfish.” You’ll often times here locals refer to small fish, or small things in general, as being “manini.” According to legend, Maniniholo was the name of the head fisherman of the area during the time the menehunes were leaving the island (Wichman, 1998). Apparently, a few of these little imps were caught stealing food from the fisherman and were subsequently killed. The rest of the menehune, well, jumped on their canoes at Makua Bay and was never seen again.