8 Exposures Vol. 2: Kaiwa Ridge and Bunkers

Took the ol’ Polaroid (Cool Cam 600) with me to Kaiwa Ridge, affectionately known as the Lanikai Pillbox trail. Yes, it’s a crowded trail, but you can’t really argue with the views. Unfortunately for me and my Polaroid, we did the trail early in the morning. Why, unfortunate? The film that I used (Impossible Project PX 680 Color Protection) is very sensitive to light and so it didn’t mix very well with the sun, which would be facing us the entire hike up. You’ll notice that the colors are a lot more muted this time around, compared to those from Volume 1. Whatever subject I tried to focus on, became a silhouette because of the sun light. And although I knew this would be the case, I shot anyway. Luckily, of the 8 exposures, I did have a favorite, “Girl with a ballerina dress and a teddy bear.” I love that shot.

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