Hipstamatic Inspired Vol. 2: Camping at Malaekahana Beach

Hipstamic is a strangely satisfying analog-inspired app for the iPhone that I’ve really found a renewed interest in. This series of posts aims to place the focus a bit more on the photos rather than the words. In Volume 2, we feature a collection of Hipstamatic photos taken on a recent camping trip to Malaekahana State Recreation Area. This was actually our first time camping as a group, and my first time camping in many years. It was outrageously fun.

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Hau’ula Loop Trail: A Short Jungle-Like Hike Perfect for Beginners

The single most limiting factor (in my opinion) when it comes to hiking in Hawaii is the weather. More specifically, rain. And if you know me then you know that I am not a fan of rain. Despite recent lofty plans to complete some epic hikes, Team Exploration: Hawaii had to modify their schedule in order to cooperate with the cloudy skies and occasional showers that Oahu has been experiencing over the last couple of days. With that said, our planned hikes that involved multiple summits on the Ko’olau range as well as an attempt at completing the treacherous Kalena had to be scrapped.

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Aloha World!

Welcome to Exploration: Hawaii. This is the official website of the Oahu Adventure Dudes (we are still in discussions on this name). Exploration: Hawaii is your new guide to some of the most exciting and thrilling things that you can do in the 50th state.

Who are the Oahu Adventure Dudes? We are a group of friends who are into doing a lot of fun stuff in Hawaii. We are students and alumni from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and all we want to do is have some adventurous fun in this beautiful state.