Koko Crater Revisted

It’s been a while since I last hiked up this beast. Not so long ago, I’d do this short scorcher once, maybe twice, a week for exercise. And then life took over and I suddenly didn’t have much free time. Well, things have changed. Koko Crater is one of those hike that will quickly help you to figure out whether you’re in good cardiovascular shape, or not. In my Koko Crater hay day, I was able to make it up to the top in under twenty minutes. Today, I was far from the time. Time to dust off those old hiking shoes (or get new ones) and get back into hiking shape. After all, this new change is the start to new and fantastic things.

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Sunset Timelapse Video at the Top of Koko Head Crater

I’ve been having so much fun playing around with my GoPro HD Helmet HERO Camera! I love it because it’s so simple and so compact. Here’s a quick little timelapse of the sun setting over Koko Head. Actually, the sun was pretty much down but not completely, so I was able get photos of some beautiful color shifts into the evening. Enjoy the video and let me know what you think.

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Koko Crater Arch and Stairs, 2015 by Marvin Chandra

Koko Crater

The back of Koko Head Park (423 Kaumakani St.) on the East side of Oahu features Koko Crater, one of three craters on the island along with¬†Diamond Head and Ka’au.¬†This one is of interest for people looking for great views of the East and South side of the island as well as a great and short workout. The crater houses a botanical garden that is very vibrant during the Spring season which complements the surrounding expansive view from the top. But getting to the top is not an easy task. The most common way to reach the top is to take a long set of stairs. Although this is a safer method than climbing the ridge (see: Arch), it may be the most strenuous way to reach your goal.

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