Koko Crater Revisted

It’s been a while since I last hiked up this beast. Not so long ago, I’d do this short scorcher once, maybe twice, a week for exercise. And then life took over and I suddenly didn’t have much free time. Well, things have changed. Koko Crater is one of those hike that will quickly help you to figure out whether you’re in good cardiovascular shape, or not. In my Koko Crater hay day, I was able to make it up to the top in under twenty minutes. Today, I was far from the time. Time to dust off those old hiking shoes (or get new ones) and get back into hiking shape. After all, this new change is the start to new and fantastic things.

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Exploration: Hawaii Featured In The March 2014 Issue of Honolulu Magazine

A photo from Exploration: Hawaii has been featured in the latest issue of Honolulu Magazine! It’s included in their Heading East piece which highlights some East Oahu hidden gems, like the Koko Crater Arch. The photo from the article was originally published in this post. Go pick up a copy of the March issue today!

Hikes Photography

Testing Out the iPhone 5 and Panorama Mode at the Top of Koko Crater

I recently picked up an iPhone 5. Actually, not recently. I got it on Day 1. Yes, I’m an Apple fanboy and have always been one. So the iPhone 5 ships with the brand new iOS 6. One of the built-in features is Panorama mode as an option in the camera app.