Eating House 1849 at Kapolei Commons

Kapolei is hardly the first place that pops to my mind when it comes to contemporary, modern dining. That said, Oahu’s “Second City” has been stepping up her game. The latest addition worth mentioning is Chef Roy Yamaguchi’s contribution to the westside, Eating House 1849. Located next to the Regal Kapolei Commons 12 Theater Complex, this is the second of three Eating House 1849 restaurants to pop up in the state. If you’re a fan of Roy’s, then you’ll likely want to make the drive out.

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Pumpkin Picking at the Aloun Farms Pumpkin Patch

Michelle and I made the drive out from town to Kapolei yesterday eager to visit the pumpkin patch at Aloun Farms. It’s been years since we last visited the patch. The last time that we went pumpkin picking must have been pre-2007. How do I know? Easy. I checked my iPhone camera roll and found zero pumpkin photos. And since my iPhone cameral roll contains the memory of everything that I’ve done/seen/touched/tasted since my very first iPhone in 2007 then our last pumpkin adventure must have predated the original iPhone. This post might be about pumpkins, but boy, am I an Apple fan.

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Sunset at the Ko Olina Lagoons (Ulua)

The winter season is a favorite time of the year for Hawaii surfers, mainly because of the waves that the winter swells bring. However, if instead you are looking for idyllic and calm “beach” experience then look no further than the Ko Olina Lagoons located at the ritzy J.W. Marriott Ihilani. These mini beaches are actually four man-made lagoons (Hanu, Naia, Kolola, and Ulua). The rock walls surrounding the lagoons keep the waves from venturing in and therefore you’re left with a relaxed water experience. It’s like swimming in an open ocean pool – it’s chill, very chill.

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