Alohilani Resort: An Aloha Chic Experience

What was old is new again. In 2016, the then Pacific Beach Hotel underwent a massive $100+ million redevelopment. The complete makeover involved all 800+ hotel rooms and included all public spaces. The fruits of this investment was partially unveiled in late 2017 when the hotel was rebranded and reimagined as the Alohilani Resort. What can you expect? A modern and contemporary vibe that evokes calming relaxation, or, as they like to call it, Aloha Chic.

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Livestock Tavern: A Taste of New England in Downtown Honolulu

Tucked away on the corner of Hotel & Smith St. is the latest culinary experiment by the same duo that delivered the immensely popular Lucky Belly. Livestock Tavern reminds me of the hearty comfort food that I willingly indulge in whenever visiting the New England coast. Their winter menu includes choices like shellfish stew, braised beef tongue, and a devilishly delicious Maine lobster roll.

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Lucky Belly: A Modern and Chic Ramen Bar In Downtown Honolulu

Lucky Belly or Downbeat Diner? It took us two days to decide, but eventually, we chose to indulge in ramen from Lucky Belly. Located on North Hotel Street, Lucky Belly is part of a new wave of restaurants that has been invading Downtown Honolulu. When I first walked in and took a look at the menu, I was reminded of David Chang’s immensely popular Momofuku Noodle Bar in New York City’s East Village. Think indulgent pork belly bao, gyoza, and, of course, irresistible ramen.

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Enjoying an Old Fashioned at Bethel Street Tap Room

The classic Old Fashioned has been on my mind as of late. Maybe it’s because I stumbled upon the wonderful Old Fashioned 101 website by Martin Doudoroff. Maybe it’s all those episodes of Mad Men that I’ve been watching on Netflix. In any case, my friends and I decided to experience an Old Fashioned at the recently opened Bethel Street Tap Room. My good friend Ryan would be flying back to Boston, currently 16 degrees Fahrenheit, and so a final drink was in order.

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Photos From The 20th Annual Honolulu Festival

My first Honolulu Festival was in 2012. I missed the 2013 festivities, but I made it back for 20th annual Honolulu Festival. Since I was away on business travel earlier in the week, I could only attend the final day of scheduled events. The Hawaii Convention Center was once again home to various arts & crafts, performances, and even an anime cafe. There was a lot to see and learn at this year’s festival. Within a few minutes of entering the convention center hall, we were pulled into a table to draw fruit using traditional Japanese brushes and paints. My painting of a mango is miserable. The lady teaching me thought I did a good job, though. I think that she was just being nice.

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