Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay on Memorial Day 2012

To me, holidays are all about fun, food, and friends. Memorial Day 2012 was no exception. A handful of close friends and I made our way to the most popular snorkeling spot on the island of Oahu – Hanauma Bay. The bay is the neighbor to what a friend of mine has called “The Stairway to Hell.” That stairway being the tracks at Koko Crater. As we were driving to Hanauma, we noticed that a lot of people were climbing up and down the Koko Crater tracks. From a distance, the little humans specks could be seen making their way to the top of the crater. Hanauma Bay was busy as well. Fortunately for us, security re-opened the gates to the parking just as we approached the entrance and quickly closed the entrance off not too long after we entered. Yes, our hunt for fish was on.


Yelp Uncaged 2012 at the Honolulu Zoo: Free Food, Craft Beer, and Unicorns

Imagine going to a party. At a zoo. With free food. And beer. Really good craft beer. And unicorns.

I went to that party.