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Haleakala Backpacking Adventure Day 2: Kapalaoa Cabin to Paliku Cabin

Day two of our Haleakala backpacking adventure started off very early for me. I had a hard time falling asleep between the symphony of snores and tossing and turning in my bunk. When I did fall asleep, it didn’t last for very long. I awoke just as the sun was rising, to the sound of John rearranging his backpack and Mike boiling water in the kitchen. For breakfast, I had one of Joel’s famous Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies, hot chocolate, and some almonds. While preparing for the days hike, I made sure to apply some moleskin to some problem areas on my feet that I noticed the day before. By 9am, we were all packed and ready to leave Kapalaoa Cabin.