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Morning Glass Coffee + Cafe: Osaka Location

If you plan to enjoy breakfast at Morning Glass Coffee + Cafe in Manoa on a sleepy Saturday morning, then be sure to get there early. Even then, lines begin to form shortly after their first drop of coffee is served. It’s a popular spot amongst locals and Japanese tourists. Thing is, the Japanese no longer have to fly very far to get their Morning Glass Coffee fix since there is now a location in Osaka.¬†Of course, I had to fly from Hawaii to check it out.


Morning Glass Coffee + Cafe

I once complained to a friend of mine about the lack of independent coffee shops in Hawaii. My buddy, Carlos, had just taken me on a coffee crawl throughout New York City. He introduced me to the wonders of a properly constructed latte and I even had my first taste of legit cold brew. We stopped at Everyman Espresso, Stumptown Coffee, and Third Rail Coffee. All of these coffee shops were located in walking distance from one another in New York’s East Village. My eyes were open and I was abuzz from all of the caffeine. And I found myself feeling extremely jealous of New York’s coffee scene.