Hidden North Shore Beach Bunker

Somewhere along the North Shore is a neat little concrete bunker that was used during World War II. There are many of these bunkers scattered throughout the island, both mauka and makai. It’s always a treat whenever you stumble upon one of these on random occasions.

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Kahekili to Manamana: A Rewarding Hike with Unrivaled Views

Puu Manamana gets a lot of hype. Stuart Ball calls it “one of the most difficult hikes on the island.” Many have said that it offers some of the most spectacular hiking views that Oahu has to offer. Marvin went as far as to say that the “views are simply unrivaled on Oahu.” Heck, it was even featured as the banner image on Kaleo Lancaster’s Island Trails (the photo has recently been replaced). I had the opportunity to do a variation of the Puu Manamana trail and have to admit that, for the most part, the above statements are true.

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