A Visit To Washington Square and Four Tips For People Watching

After dropping Michelle off at Mille-Feuille Bakery, where she learned how to make macarons with French pastry chef Olivier Dessyn, I decided to take a short walk to Washington Square Park to do some people watching. I quickly found a bench, relaxed, and enjoyed my latte from Third Rail Coffee. In a city as populous as New York City, I serendipitously stumbled on my good Internet friend, Carlos Morales of Oven Fresh Dreams, at Third Rail. Crazy, right? My morning was off to a great start.


The Holei Sea Arch

The main attraction at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is Kilauea and the active craters that surround it. That said, The Holei Sea Arch is a neat little side attraction that you can visit as you explore the various lookouts on Chain of Craters Road. Near the very end of Chain of Craters Road is a formation known as the Holei Sea Arch. As far as what it is, I’ll let the scientist explain it: