Happy Hour At Flour & Barley Waikiki

Flour & Barley is always looking for ways to make your Waikiki dining experience that much better…they did it with brunch…and now they’re doing it with a festive Happy Hour selection of beers, cocktails, and food specials. They invited us down to sample some of their new offerings and we enjoyed it all. Happy Hour at Flour & Barley is daily from 2pm to 6pm and from 10pm to closing. What are you waiting for? Get down there!

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Pacific Aviation Museum at Pearl Harbor

Looking for a piece of aviation (and World War II) history during your visit to Hawaii? If so, then the Pacific Aviation Museum is a must visit. Located on Ford Island in the middle of historic Pearl Harbor, the Pacific Aviation Museum is home to a fine collection of aircrafts, including a P-40 fighter and a civilian plane that was airborne and shot during the attack, and a MiG-15 and F-86 Sabre aircraft which flew during the Korean War.

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5 To Try: Tokyo Coffee Shops You Must Visit

Whenever I visit Japan, I make it a point to visit as many different coffee shops as possible. The Japanese take their coffee seriously, and like most other things in Japanese culture, coffee brewing has become a meticulously studied form of art. So every morning that I spend at a different coffee shop is a different experience for me. I learn a little about the coffee that is served, but I also take some time to chat with the coffee artisan behind the counter to find out why they chose to devote their lives to coffee. The conversations in my broken Japanese is always memorable. Like with my other Five To Try posts: this is by no means a Top 5 list of any kind, just a selection of five interesting spots that I think are worth checking out.

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