Early Morning Kilauea Lava Flow From Volcanoes National Park

3:30AM they said. Meet outside the cabin at 3:30AM. That’s the conversation that I overheard while quietly devouring my scrambled eggs, courtesy of the Kilauea Military Camp. That’s all that I needed to hear to know that these people, who were also enjoying the same fine eggs, were planning a trip to see the Kilauea lava flow at Volcanoes National Park. I instinctively interrupted their conversation and quickly asked, “do you have room for one more?”

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Hank’s Haute Dogs

In 2007, Hank Adaniya walked away from his highly acclaimed Chicago-based restaurant, Trio, to move to Hawaii to open a hot dog stand. This seemingly random diversion was nothing of the sort since his parents owned a small hot dog stand in Waikiki during the 1940’s. Fortunately for Adaniya, the high-end hot dog idea was a success and has become a go-to favorite for locals craving a great hot dog.

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The Fresh Shave: Kauai’s Most Mustache-ingly Awesome Shave Ice

Oahu might have paved the way for the explosive popularity of local style shave ice, but Kauai has quickly taken over as the king of the fresh fruit shave ice movement. The Fresh Shave, owned by Daniel & Priscilla Soule chooses to use all-natural, local, and organic produce in their shave ice. Plus, they infuse a bit of hipster fun by mustache-ing up every detail of your shave ice eating experience. Mustaches aside, the shave ice at The Fresh Shave simply taste great.

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Sushi Ginza Onodera: The Most Authentic Omakase Experience In Hawaii

I’ve enjoyed omakase in Tokyo, Hawaii, and New York City, arguably, three of the best places on Earth to enjoy sushi. Dining at Sushi Ginza Onodera ranks up there with my experience eating at the small sushi restaurants in Tokyo’s famed Tsukiji Market and at Daisuke Nakazawa’s (a former apprentice at Sukiyabashi Jiro) namesake restaurant, Sushi Nakazawa, in New York City’s West Village. Simply put, Sushi Ginza Onodera is the most authentic sushi experience in Hawaii. It’s almost as if you’re in Tokyo. Almost.
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