We’re Featured In The Summer 2015 Issue Of My Only Hawaii

This past January, we spent a day with a group from Japan that included two journalists and a photographer. We took them hiking, and had them munch on some awesome snacks. Five months later, we’re super stoked to be featured in the Summer 2015 issue of My Only Hawaii, an international magazine geared toward Japanese tourists visiting Hawaii. The 20-page feature follows the lives of local residents on a typical Hawaiian day. The Exploration: Hawaii crew is featured in four of those pages, amongst some other amazing local people. It’s kind of surreal to see us in a print magazine that will be seen by thousands of people here and abroad. You can find the magazine in Honolulu (Waikiki and Ward magazine stands) and Tokyo. It’s free, so take one!

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2014: Year In Review

In 2014, Exploration: Hawaii morphed into something different. We continued with the outdoor adventures that we’ve become known for, but also began focusing a lot more on photography, food, and cultural-related festivals and events. Of course, we still found time to explore the outer islands, which included outings to Kauai, Lanai, Molokai, Maui, and the Big Island.

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Look Who Just Turned 3!

Three years of blogging about hiking in Hawaii has zipped by so very fast. We’ve documented over 215+ different hikes across the State of Hawaii. What’s even more amazing is that we’ve gone beyond just blogging about hiking in Hawaii. Over the last year, we started covering various local and cultural events (thanks Marvin) and the Hawaii food and restaurant scene. As always, we’ve placed a huge emphasis on photography, and providing you with the best narrative and advice possible. We love sharing our experiences with all of you.

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2013: Year In Review

2013 has been an insane year of adventure and growth for Exploration: Hawaii. We spent a significant amount of time this year exploring the neighbor islands of Maui, the Big Island, and Kauai. We hiked, we camped, we backpacked, but most importantly, we had oodles of fun. As a group, we explored Haleakala Crater during a 4-day backpacking adventure. Backpacking through Haleakala proved to be one of the most memorable experiences of my life. We also had a few individual highlights, including Ahnate’s completion of the Koolau Summit Trail, from Pupukea to Makapuu. He tackled and completed the most treacherous sections of the trail, including the dreaded Kalihi Saddle, and survived to tell his tale. Marvin embarked on a solo, 3-day tent-less hike from Pupukea to Waiahole.

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We’re Back With A New Host!

If you’re seeing this post, then you’re viewing Exploration: Hawaii from its new host, MediaTemple! It’s been two years since this blog went live, and since then we’ve outgrown our previous hosting service, Dreamhost. They were an okay host, but I would often find that site load times would slow to a snail’s pace whenever there was a spike in traffic. And recently, we’ve been seeing lots of traffic spikes, thanks to you guys. I made the switch to MediaTemple because I know that they are a reliable host with top-notch service. I’ve been using them to host my other blog since 2010 and they’ve been great.

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Happy 2nd Birthday, To Us!

Before we say goodbye to the month of August, I’d like to thank all of our wonderful and dedicated readers. Exploration: Hawaii has made it to see its second year anniversary of existence on the Interwebs. Since our inception in August 2011, we have documented over 160+ different hikes. That’s a lot of hiking. That’s also a lot of sweat, mud, laughs, bumps, and bruises. Most of these hikes are based on Oahu, but, we’ve also began exploring the outer islands, like Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island. Our 2nd year culminated with a 4-day backpacking trip through Haleakala Crater. We’re stoked, and we’re excited to continue exploring this wonderful state.

I had made a few goals when we celebrated our 1st birthday, such as a new logo (check), filling the gaps on our hikes page (ongoing), more outer-island content (check), and guest posts from other Hawaii adventurers (working on this). For year three, I’d like to set a couple more goals. I really would like to complete all of the accessible hikes listed under the Oahu section of our hikes page. I’d like to get a regular guest writer, preferably from the outer-island. Finally, I’d like to start a weekly newsletter with exclusive content and photos.

Again, thank you to all of our dedicated readers and supporters. If you haven’t already done so, we would appreciate it if you like us on Facebook, tweet about us, and link back to Exploration: Hawaii. Tell your friends about us and we’ll love you forever.

Thank You x 100,000

It’s been about a year-and-a-half since Exploration: Hawaii was founded and we’ve hit a pretty awesome milestone, 100,000 views! That means that 100,000 pairs of eyeballs have seen, scrolled, flicked, and swiped through the Exploration: Hawaii website. We’d like to thank the die-hard readers (you know who you are) who regularly come back and visit the site to see what we’ve been up to. You are the ones who drive this website and push us to keep delivering interesting content to help keep you adventurous. So, Thank You x 100,000.

Now, if we could ask you for one more favor… please “Like” the official Exploration: Hawaii page on Facebook!

Download Exploration: Hawaii iPhone Wallpapers (Series 1)

Some of you may have noticed the new Exploration: Hawaii logo. Yep, we’ve got a fresh new logo! And now, we’ve got some fresh iPhone 5 (and 4/S) wallpapers for you to use. Each of the four designs are super fun, featuring the iconic views from the Kahekili-Manamana trail, a totally stoked Hawaiian turtle, and of course the Happy Face Spider. We’ve got two versions of the Happy Face Spider wallpaper, one of which features the Exploration: Hawaii motto: Stay Rad, Hawaii. Download links are at the bottom of the post. I hope that you enjoy!

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