The First Hawaiian Sunset of 2015

I guess that if you do one thing enough times, it becomes a tradition. It has become a tradition for Exploration: Hawaii to capture the first Hawaiian sunset of every new year. In 2012, we said hello to the new year at Waimea Bay. In 2013, we found ourselves on an empty beach in Maile. In 2014, we caught a beautiful sunset at Ko Olina. And in 2015, we ushered in the new year by driving the farthest west that we could, to Keawaula Beach on the Waianae Coast.

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8 Exposures Vol. 6: Polaroids From Lanai

Michelle and I  recently had the chance to spend some time on the island of Lanai for the first time. We would make the Four Seasons, The Lodge at Koele our retreat for Thanksgiving weekend. We wanted to leave the minutiae of the Thanksgiving holiday behind and simply enjoy each others company with maximum relaxation and no stress. It worked. The pine-filled island of Lanai, and the The Lodge at Koele made that happen.

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A Pokai Bay Sunset

It was one of those, “hey, let’s go shoot the sunset” kind of days. Of course, there’s no better place to catch the sunset on Oahu than the west side. You’re guaranteed a show from any beach along Oahu’s Leeward Coast, really. We chose Pokai Bay, with the hope that we would get to see one of those purple and pink cotton candy sunsets. It wasn’t meant to be. No complaints, though, as the sunset was spectacular nonetheless.

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Pele's Chair Milky Way

Hawaii Starscapes III: Mokuleia, Pele’s Chair, and Eternity Beach Astrophotography

With the Milky Way (Hokunohoaupuni) shooting season coming to an end for the year, Jose and I decided to check out a few new spots to see if we could catch it in novel locations. Last month, we would go to the Kaena Point parking lot on the Mokuleia side which would offer the darkest spot we’ve come across on the island so far. Recently, we checked out Pele’s Chair and Eternity Beach on the East coast. While the latter two are not the darkest spots on the island, it offered interesting landmarks to be coupled with the Milky Way.

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Lanai Lookout Hawaii Milky Way

Hawaii Starscapes II: Lana’i Lookout and Multi-Exposure Milky Way shots

Lana’i Lookout on the Southern East coast of Oahu offers an ideal spot for Honolulu residents to practice astrophotography. Nestled behind Koko Crater and not too far from Hanauma Bay, this scenic lookout is packed with tourists and experienced divers during the day and offers a wide view of a mostly dark sky at night where the Milky Way is strongly visible during the summer months. While the darkness here does not rival Kaena Point or Mokuleia, it is a shorter drive for the majority of the residents on the island. The first time I would ever shoot stars would be here and I would return multiple times with new gear and ideas.

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Hawaii The 50th State: A Vintage Film from 1959

I stumbled across this neat little vintage promotional film about Hawaii a few days. The short, 10-minute film, was produced by Hearst Metrotone News in 1959. It’s interesting to see how the city of Honolulu looked back then. The video offers a glimpse into bustling downtown Honolulu, emphasizing how the streets in the city are “typically American.”

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