Early Morning Kilauea Lava Flow From Volcanoes National Park

3:30AM they said. Meet outside the cabin at 3:30AM. That’s the conversation that I overheard while quietly devouring my scrambled eggs, courtesy of the Kilauea Military Camp. That’s all that I needed to hear to know that these people, who were also enjoying the same fine eggs, were planning a trip to see the Kilauea lava flow at Volcanoes National Park. I instinctively interrupted their conversation and quickly asked, “do you have room for one more?”

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Kaena Point From Mokuleia: Bunkers, Legends, and Old Railways

I love exploring the north and west shores leading up to Kaena Point, primarily because I think it is the last stretch of wild coastline on Oahu. Once you step beyond where the paved roads end in both Mokuleia and Waianae, you are instantly surrounded by beautiful coastal terrain, cultural sites, and remnants of a historical past once dominated by plantations and the military.

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Lulumahu Falls + Luakaha Falls With The Sierra Club of Hawaii

Sometime in the middle of last year, I went on a little field trip with the Sierra Club of Hawaii – Oahu Chapter to visit Lulumahu Falls, Kaniakapupu, and Luakaha Falls. You can check out the Kaniakapupu post here, but for some reason, I never got around to sharing photos from Lulumahu Falls. Oddly enough, when this blog first started in 2011, Lulumahu Falls was one of the most requested posts from readers. We never got around to making a post, despite a memorable experience trying to find it.

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A Twist on Lanikai Ridge

The Kaiwa Ridge Trail, often referred to as Lanikai Ridge, is a trail that never disappoints. Maybe it’s the vibrant, azure colored waters fronting the ridge, with the Mokulua Islands popping out from the ocean in the distance. Maybe it’s the appeal of the old, war time bunkers that you find along the trail. Whatever it is, the Kaiwa Ridge hike is rad and is therefore my go-to hike whenever I have friends visiting. Friends, like my friend Ryan.

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Those Kuliouou Views

We’ve written about the Kuliouou Ridge Trail here and elsewhere on the site. It’s one of my favorites because it’s very accessible and the views are stellar. It’s also one of those hikes that I always recommend that visitors and locals try. For one, it’s legal (no breaking any laws here). Second, it’s a solid hike that’s worth the required workout. Finally, for many, it’ll be just a short drive away. Of course, you’ve got to get past those, errr, damn switchbacks. Don’t let those switchbacks deter you, though, because the views that await ahead…they’re complete bliss.

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Hiking The Ohai Loop and Overlook Trail Off Of Kahekili Highway on Maui’s North Shore

The Ohai Loop Trail is a short hike that we stumbled on while driving through Kahekili Highway on Maui’s North Shore. You’ll find the trailhead and parking for this trail between mile marker 40 and 41. The loop is short, but it is very scenic. The highlight comes at the midpoint, where a single chair awaits, making for the perfect spot to watch for whales and seabirds.

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The Kapalua Coastal Hike To Maui’s Dragon’s Teeth

The Kapalua Coastal Trail is the perfect reason to leave the posh suites at The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua, for a quick outdoor adventure. The Dragon’s Teeth are located just beyond the Ritz-Carlton chapel. If coming from the Ritz-Carlton, you’ll follow the pathway that runs parallel to the hedges that mark the boundary for the Honokahua Burial Site. This ancient Hawaiian burial site is home to hundreds of ancient Hawaiian remains and is the primary reason why The Ritz-Carlton is located so far from the shoreline.

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