A Mauna Kea Sunset and Stargazing Adventure with Hawaii Forest & Trail

For our recent 4-day adventure to the Big Island, we decided that wanted to visit the summit of Mauna Kea. To get to the summit, one must drive up the infamous Saddle Road. Many locals will tell you that Saddle Road is a very dangerous road to drive on. In fact, a portion of the 16 mile road, just past the visitor center, is unpaved and very rugged. To aid in our excursion through Saddle Road and to maintain the limited warranty on our rental vehicle, we decided on going with a tour group led by Hawaii Forest & Trail. The last thing that we needed was a flat tire on our Mustang at 13,000 feet with no cellular signal available [1].

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The Makani Catamaran Sunset Sail and Fireworks Cruise

I recently was invited to go on a sunset cruise with Chad Kahunahana, founder of Experience Hawaii, an online booking app specializing in Hawaii’s best tours & activities. The mission of Experience Hawaii is to make it easier for visitors and locals to discover and book Hawaii’s best tours & activities. Experience Hawaii hand-selects and highlight only the very best tours. Also joining us for the cruise were a few of Chad’s friends, including Rechung Fujihira, co-founder of The Box Jelly.

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Christmas Tree Hunting in Hawaii at Helemano Farms

On the mainland, it’s not uncommon for families to go to a Christmas tree farm to choose a Christmas tree to bring home and then decorate. In Hawaii, not so much. Here, we are usually stuck with whatever local stores have sitting inside Matson shipping containers. These are Christmas trees that are shipped to us from the mainland. SPAM is not the only thing thats coming to us from Minnesotta, our Christmas trees do too. So I was taken by surprise and became very enthused when I learned of a local Christmas tree farm that was just a thirty minute drive away. A tropical island in the middle of the Pacific … with a Christmas tree farm? Yep.

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An Intro to Downhill Skating in Hawaii

A few weeks ago I was browsing Exploration: Hawaii while trying to plan and prepare for my next hike. I coincidentally enough got a message from Coty over Vimeo later that day saying how he would like to feature a video of mine on his page. I replied back to him and we sparked up a brief conversation. Now here I am writing a column for the blog to help add to the adventures around the island.

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Pumpkin Picking at the Aloun Farms Pumpkin Patch

Michelle and I made the drive out from town to Kapolei yesterday eager to visit the pumpkin patch at Aloun Farms. It’s been years since we last visited the patch. The last time that we went pumpkin picking must have been pre-2007. How do I know? Easy. I checked my iPhone camera roll and found zero pumpkin photos. And since my iPhone cameral roll contains the memory of everything that I’ve done/seen/touched/tasted since my very first iPhone in 2007 then our last pumpkin adventure must have predated the original iPhone. This post might be about pumpkins, but boy, am I an Apple fan.

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Bouldering In Hawaii: A Photo Exhibition at the Manifest

Hey Exploration: Hawaii readers, I highly suggest that you folks go and check out the Bouldering In Hawaii exhibit that is currently on display at the Manifest in Chinatown. I had the opportunity to check out the opening reception last night and it was awesome. I also got to finally meet David Chatsuthiphan, owner of Unreal Hawaii, and the person behind the Bouldering In Hawaii exhibit. Very nice guy!

The exhibit will be on display at the Manifest until November 17, 2012.

32 North Hotel Street
Honolulu, HI 96817