Urban Hiking Oahu

Urban Hiking the Perimeter of Oahu

Khym Ansagay, urban hiker extraordinaire, recently completed walking around the perimeter of Oahu in its entirety using roads, bridges, and bike lanes. His walkabout was split into 10 trips, all beginning and ending at a bus stop, and totaled 54 hours and over 148 miles. The following maps, images, and descriptions are provided by Khym to document his impressive feat. The trips are ordered geographically rather than order of completion.

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Pele's Chair Milky Way

Hawaii Starscapes III: Mokuleia, Pele’s Chair, and Eternity Beach Astrophotography

With the Milky Way (Hokunohoaupuni) shooting season coming to an end for the year, Jose and I decided to check out a few new spots to see if we could catch it in novel locations. Last month, we would go to the Kaena Point parking lot on the Mokuleia side which would offer the darkest spot we’ve come across on the island so far. Recently, we checked out Pele’s Chair and Eternity Beach on the East coast. While the latter two are not the darkest spots on the island, it offered interesting landmarks to be coupled with the Milky Way.

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Lanai Lookout Hawaii Milky Way

Hawaii Starscapes II: Lana’i Lookout and Multi-Exposure Milky Way shots

Lana’i Lookout on the Southern East coast of Oahu offers an ideal spot for Honolulu residents to practice astrophotography. Nestled behind Koko Crater and not too far from Hanauma Bay, this scenic lookout is packed with tourists and experienced divers during the day and offers a wide view of a mostly dark sky at night where the Milky Way is strongly visible during the summer months. While the darkness here does not rival Kaena Point or Mokuleia, it is a shorter drive for the majority of the residents on the island. The first time I would ever shoot stars would be here and I would return multiple times with new gear and ideas.

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Hawaii Starscapes: East and West Coast Milky Ways

The last few days have been ideal for astrophotography due to dark and fairly clear night skies. The New Moon was on Saturday and the Moon would be dim for a few days before and after allowing the stars to be most visible. On Friday, Jose and I headed West towards Kaena Point as Kaena is one of the least light polluted spots on the island. On Monday, Will and I would head East towards the Makapu’u Lighthouse trail to take pictures in one of the darkest spots on the Eastern coast.

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Kalalau: 2 Day Coastal Hike along Kauai’s Na Pali

Over Spring break, Ikaika and I decided to hike Hawaii’s best known trail: Kalalau. The trail is 11 miles long one way and ends at a famous camp spot. Originally planned as a 4 day and 3 night event, we ended up shortening it to 2 days and 1 night while still completing all of the 22 miles, camping at the beach, visiting one of the major waterfalls, and capturing the Milky Way along the way.

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Waikiki Historic Trail Hilton Falls

Waikiki Historic Trail: Conquering the Educational Honolulu Urban Hike at Night

Throughout the most popular spots in Waikiki exists 23 markers for an urban trail. While it is easy to stumble upon a few of them simply by chance, visiting all takes some effort. Most of the markers are wooden surfboards with both images and text that narrate the history of Waikiki. Building upon the efforts of Troy Solano, I was able to finish the whole trail over 2 days while also practicing long exposure night shots.

Troy became interested in the urban hike a few months ago after finding an essay documenting all the markers. Despite becoming the laughing stock of the hiking community for his ridiculous mission, Troy would finish the trail over 3 days. The final day of his hike also included me and allowed me to see a few of the markers before attempting the whole thing at night. The following will list all the markers locations as well as images from nearby locations. Detailed information about what is found on the markers can be found here.

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Hawaii Loa II: Super Fun Amazing MLK Multinational Friendship Edition

A diverse group of people summited Hawaii Loa on Martin Luther King Day, 2012. In the above picture, from left to right, you have the newest member of Hyde Manor (where Marvin, Andy and our cat, Killer, reside), Jackie, who was born in Germany. Next you have Andy, a typical, nothing special, white American. Then you have 2 very shady Filipinos, Coty and Joel, who would complete this trail for the 3rd time. Then there’s the Thai guy, Ahnate. And a possible recurring character in EH Tales, Gentaro, from Japan. This picture was taken by an awesome Indian dude, Marvin. Hawaii would see a melting pot at one of its summits like never before.

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