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The First Hawaiian Sunset of 2013

Having spent most of the first day of 2013 cleaning house, we were itching to get out and do something. We decided to try and catch the sunset from Keawaula Beach (Yokohama Bay). Sunset hunting would be our first adventure ouf 2013.

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Aloha World!

Welcome to Exploration: Hawaii. This is the official website of the Oahu Adventure Dudes (we are still in discussions on this name). Exploration: Hawaii is your new guide to some of the most exciting and thrilling things that you can do in the 50th state.

Who are the Oahu Adventure Dudes? We are a group of friends who are into doing a lot of fun stuff in Hawaii. We are students and alumni from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and all we want to do is have some adventurous fun in this beautiful state.