Two Ladies Kitchen: The Mochi Masters of Hilo

Located in the heart of old Hilo town and just off of Kilauea Avenue is a tiny shop in an old building known for selling small, but tasty mochi confections. Two Ladies Kitchen is artisanal mochi, without the attitude that tends to come with artisanal things. They don’t need a website (they have none), or an active social media presence. The lines that form outside of Two Ladies Kitchen is all that they need to tell their story. They make great, handmade muchi, and probably the closest that you can get to the mochi that you would find being sold by street vendors in Japan’s Tsukiji Market. You take one bite and all that you want is more.

The lines tell the story.

Keep in mind that they are closed on Sunday. This means that you’ll typically find a rush of people on Saturday afternoon, hoping to snag some legitimate Hilo omiyage before the end of the week.

I’ve been to Two Ladies Kitchen a few times, but this was my son’s first visit. A peek inside.

They’ve got a wide selection, but…

…the strawberry mochi is by far the most popular (and most talked about) mochi variation sold at Two Ladies Kitchen. The strawberries are large, which makes for a large mochi treat. We always come home with a box, or two.

Two Ladies Kitchen
274 Kilauea Ave
Hilo, HI 96720