Mud Hen Water: Laid Back Sunday Brunch

In search for an impromptu brunch spot on a rather slow Sunday, we decided to forego busy Waikiki, for a laid back experience at Mud Hen Water.

Mud Hen Water is located in one of my favorite little neighborhoods on Oahu: Kaimuki. As they say, Keep It Kaimuki.

Ed Kenney is the mind behind Mud Hen Water. He runs a few other restaurants just a walking distance away, including Town and Kaimuki Superette. Also, confused about the name, Mud Hen Water? The restaurant name is the English translation of Waialae, the name of the main avenue that runs through the cozy town of Kaimuki.

Imagine stopping by for a quick meal and having this spot all to yourself. The art mural will make you think about all of the hands that go into preparing the food that you are about to eat.

Spot the motorcycle?

The bar is calling you…

Little Dude came for the pancakes…the especially delicious sourdough banana pancakes with whipped brown butter and pure maple syrup.

The crispy outside and moist inside was a winner. Don’t be fooled, there are local bananas (probably grown in someone’s backyard) hidden in this thin, yet unique, pancake.

My wife had the corned beef and kalo hash. Kalo is taro, just in case you were wondering. Also…kim chee on the side. This is Hawaii.

My dish was an absolute pleasure. I had the fresh fish and luau, with two poached eggs, some locally harvested roots, and inamona (roasted kukui nuts). This dish was like eating a remixed laulau – it was incredibly satisfying. ┬áTHIS is Hawaii in a plate.

Mud Hen Water
3452 Waialae Ave, Honolulu, HI 96816