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5 To Try: Waikiki Boutique Hotels

Many might say that there is no place like Waikiki, and they would be right. Waikiki is not only known around the globe for its beautiful beaches and surfing history, but also for its world class hospitality.

In this 5 To Try, I revisit 5 different Waikiki hotel experiences and explore my favorite aspects from each hotel, from iconic views to unforgettable dining experiences.

Alohilani Resort: An Aloha Chic Experience

In 2016, the then Pacific Beach Hotel underwent a massive $100+ million redevelopment. The hotel was rebranded and reimagined as the Alohilani Resort. What can you expect? A modern and contemporary vibe that evokes calming relaxation, or, as they like to call it, Aloha Chic.

The rooms are spectacular and an experience in and of itself. The first thing that we noticed when we opened the door to our room was the impressive views of iconic Leahi, better known around the world as Diamond Head.

The Shoreline Hotel Waikiki

Looking for a splash of color? The lobby at the Shoreline has you covered. It is a spacious, bright and colorful space that is the perfect spot to catch your breath, or snap a photo.

The Shoreline’s location is perfect for anyone with a curious appetite. The hotel is just a short distance (think 5 minutes or less) from the International Marketplace, which is home to a wide variety of food experiences.

The Vive Hotel Waikiki

There’s nothing like a good getaway. On an island like Oahu, such a place might be hard to find, especially if you’re looking for it in the middle of Waikiki. Not to worry, because tucked away on Kuhio Avenue is a lively boutique hotel ready to give you that getaway: Vive Hotel Waikiki.

The Living Room is where I spent most of my time. It’s the perfect place to just cozy up with a book. The Living Room was my favorite part of the hotel and it would definitely be one of the main reasons why I’d recommend this boutique hotel to friends and family.

The Prince Waikiki

We love visiting The Prince Waikiki, especially to dine at their various restaurants. 100 Sails and Katsumidori Sushi are two go-to restaurants for my family. I always look forward to the crab legs and custom sushi bar at 100 sails.

More recently, we’ve been enjoying Katsumidori Sushi Tokyo by way of takeout order. It might not be the same experience as dine-in, but it sure is close. The maguro nigiri is my favorite.

The Laylow Waikiki

Coffee is sort of an obsession of mine. I just can’t get enough of the stuff. The Hideout at The Laylow is a beautiful little coffee shop right on the Laylow lanai. Grab a cup, and enjoy the ambiance.

The Hideout feels modern, but with a retro vibe. They also brew their coffee using quality beans from Stumptown Coffee, a personal favorite.