How To Eat Kushikatsu at Kushikatsu Daruma in Shinsekai, Osaka

I’ve visited Osaka on a handful of occasions, but I typically spend most of my time exploring the lively “gastronomist’s town” of Dotonbori. This most recent visit, though, we ended up staying near the Shinsekai area, a part of old Osaka that was built before World War I to represent the coming of a new world full of innovation and technology. The northern end of Shinsekai was made to resemble Paris, while the southern end was inspired by New York’s Coney Island. With this in mind, don’t be thrown off by the Tsutenkaku Tower, an Eiffel Tower lookalike. One of the main attractions of Shinsekai are the many Kushikatsu restaurants. We tried the most famous, Kushikatsu Daruma.

The entrance to Kushikatsu Daruma.


The skewers of meat cost between 100-200 yen a piece, or, 1-2 US dollars. You could probably make these at home with your own skewers…but it just won’t be the same as enjoying them in Osaka!


Some pork soup to start our kushikatsu experience.


The rules of Kushikatsu…the most important being that you only dip your kushikatsu into the sauce just ONCE.


…biru, onegai shimasu! Translation: beer please!


Fresh kushikatsu ready to be served!


Remember, you only dip once, so make it count.



…and then you take a bite.


Your skewers then go into these little wooden receptacles.


Eventually, you’ll have consumed more kushikatsu then you thought possible…


…because you’ll want to try them all…and there are so many to choose from.





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