Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin

On the cover of of the most recent issue of BRUTUS Magazine, a Japanese popular culture magazine that I follow, were the words: “No Tonkatsu, No Life.” I can relate. I love tonkatsu. My most recent trip to Japan happened because I was craving a taste of tonkatsu that I had on a previous visit. I’ve been known to have dreams of tonkatsu. So when we found ourselves having to run an errand in Waikiki, well, we just had to make a stop at Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin.

We got there early. It’s a small establishment and they fill up quickly. On a random Tuesday all seats in the restaurant were taken within about 30 minutes of opening.


A little piglet hanging from the ceiling…a good sign.


Small space…


Today’s lunch was all about PORK and so I had to start off with a tonkatsu sando as an appetizer. Consider it a small tonkatsu pupu, if you will.



The miso soup that came with our tonkatsu set meals.


This is the combination set featuring different types of katsu.



Smash and then enjoy with your tonkatsu sauce.


The Special Tonkatsu Set with a side of cabbage and rice. Like most tonkatsu joints in Japan, you get unlimited cabbage and rice…so eat up. As a side note, if you can, see if you can order the Kurobuta Tonkatsu Set. They only serve limited quantities of this dish per day, but for some reason they didn’t have it when we visited. The outside menu said they serve 25 per day, while the inside menu said they only serve 10 per day.



Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin
Regency on Beachwalk Waikiki by Outrigger
255 Beach Walk, Honolulu, HI 96815
Phone: (808) 926-8082