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Polihale State Park + Kauai Pupu Factory

Kauai is the island that you visit if you’re searching for old Hawaii charm and rugged outdoor beauty. There are places on Kauai where you can truly get away. One of those places is Polihale State Park, a remote beach on the western end of Kauai. About an hour-and-a-half drive from Kapaa, Polihale beach is the westernmost publicly accessible beach in the state…and the drive to get there is something else…

First, lunch. One of the last food stops before you commit to the remaining 20 mile drive out to Polihale State Park is the Kauai Pupu Factory in Hanapepe. The no frills menu offers everything you need for a hearty Hawaiian plate lunch.

Time to decide…commit or turn around. This is the start of the unpaved road. The sign reads:

“Unimproved narrow dirt road. Drive at your own risk.”

I think “unimproved” is an understatement. Pot holes, mega pot holes, dips, large rocks and boulders, and drop offs, are some of the obstacles you have to look forward to. Also, locals driving merrily along in their modified monster trucks large enough to swallow your rental vehicle. Seriously, one of the trucks that passed us by had tires taller than our vehicle. It is not recommended that you drive out in your tiny rental vehicle. You will get stuck.


You know you’ve made is when you see this sign:


Laulau and lomi salmon? Yes, please.



Kauai locals love to drive their trucks on to the beach. You don’t see this much on Oahu.



You could walk for miles…


But we just enjoyed…


I took a few shots and then laid out my towel and relaxed.

Polihale: an excellent beach if you’re willing to risk the drive.