Farewell To Alan Wong’s Pineapple Room

Local celebrity chef, Alan Wong, recently announced that he would be closing his famed lunch spot, The Pineapple Room. Opened in 1999 inside of the then Liberty House (now Macy’s), the popular eatery was a casual taste of Wong’s fine dining sensibility. As for a reason for the closing, Wong went on to say that “The dining landscape has changed, and we’ve amicably decided with Macy’s to move on from this concept.” With this closure, Wong’s fans now have just two options: the original namesake Honolulu location and the newish Shanghai, China location.

Of course, we at Exploration: Hawaii was saddened by this news. We are fans of Wong’s and regularly enjoyed lunches at The Pineapple Room. So, we visited one more time…and we’ll probably visit again before they close for good on July 29. These were some of our favorite dishes over the years…

We’d always start with a carafe of Wong’s Plantation Iced Tea.


The house bread with aioli…


A simple caesar, though you could have it with kalua pork or huli huli spiced grilled chicken.


The refreshing tomato watermelon salad with goat cheese and ume dressing.


The poi topped with kalua pork.


Gyoza with a side of kim chi.


Makaweli Kauai Burger with bacon and gouda cheese…


Tempura battered monchong with a caper mayonnaise spread on a hoagie roll…and some tsuyu dipping sauce on the side.


The kim chee reuben sandwich with sliced pastrami and house made kim chee.


Wong’s popular kiawe grilled kalbi short ribs with fried rice on the side.


Of course, we’ll never forget his loco moco!


Once, he even served up a tiny miniature version…


And for dessert…chocolate pudding done right.


…strawberry shortcake.


Wong’s take on the popular Filipino desert, halo halo. His version featured haupia tapioca served with sweet corn, azuki beans, and coconut shave ice.


And of course, the simple yet sizable Pineapple Room sundae…


We’ll definitely miss you, Pineapple Room!

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