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The Best Way To Spend 100 Yen at Tsukiji Market: Marutake Tamagoyaki

One dollar doesn’t get you very far in the United States, In Japan, well, that’s a different story. There’s of course the popular dollar stores, but we recommend heading down to Tsukiji Market to look for a tiny tamagoyaki stand named Marutake Tamagoyaki. They’ve been making one dish, tamagoyaki, for over 80 years. It’s the perfect light breakfast or snack. And the best part, it’s just 100 yen, equivalent to roughly one US dollar.

Here’s aunty selling the coveted tamagoyaki.


This Japanese style egg omelette is so simple, yet so well done and delicious. It’s a burst of umami in your mouth.


The tamagoyaki chef doing his thing.


Finally, we get to enjoy…one of the many delights at Tsukiji Market.


Tsukiji Market is a maze of small shops, but, Marutake is relatively easy to find. Their official website has a map and shop info (in Japanese), and also useful photos of the storefronts (they have two). Hope you find it!