Bokksu – May 2017

For my birthday this year, my wife got me a subscription to Bokksu – a premium Japanese snack box that is mailed out every month. My first box came last month (it was an Osaka themed box)…but I ate it all before I was able to document it…so, let’s start with the May 2017 Bokksu!

First off, the box itself is beautiful and begs to be reused. Of course, I’m keeping them and repurposing them.


Open up the box and surprise…a candle! The theme this month was Bokksu Fan Favorites in celebration of their first birthday.


Each box comes with a Tasting Guide that features descriptions for every snack. Very useful, because 99% of the snacks have Japanese writing on the packaging!


And now to the good stuff…excited to try them all!


I love chocolate and so I was very excited to try the Bake Chocolate. These mini chocolate cakes melt in your mouth!


The Black Sesame Senbei was a fan favorite from August 2016 Bokksu themed Kuro (Black).


Some Jaga Pokkuru from the June Bokksu themed Hokkaido Eats. These potato fries are made from 100% Hokkaido grown potatoes. I’m always snacking on Jaga when I’m in Japan!


Not your ordinary corn snacks…the Oh! Yaki Toukibi snack is a combination of corn and crunchy mochi with some umami from soy sauce mixed in.


From the January 2016 Bokksu we have Cheese Manju Okashinai from Akita Prefecture. This manju is filled with white beans and cheese…interesting!


The 20th Century Pear Langue De Chat is made using pears from Tottori Prefecture. This crumbly butter cookie pairs well with the Apple Green Tea.


I love that they include tea with each Bokksu…here we have Apple Green Tea from the October Bokksu, themed Autumn Appetite.


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