Maui Moka Goat by Maui Coffee Roasters

My favorite friends from Maui sent me some Maui Moka Goat Coffee from Maui Coffee Roasters. Let’s go and brew some 100% Maui grown coffee beans!

First of all, come on, gotta love that packaging.

“Maui Moka Goat is referred to as the “champagne of coffee” due to the subtle flavors and pleasant acidity. Grown at the famed Maui Kaanapali Estate, this bean originated in Yemen and retains many of the characteristics of its Northern African ancestors like narrow leaves and small beans.”


Look at those beautiful coffee beans. The first thing that I do whenever I open a fresh bag of coffee beans: dip my nose inside and smell, smell, smell. Mmmm…


I like to hand grind my beans using a ceramic burr grinder.


Some of the grind in the palm of my hand.


Pour over of course…


Steady drip.


A hand made batch of coffee, just for…me.


Goes straight into my cup…


…so that my taste buds can enjoy.


Thank you Sheryl and Melanie for this beautiful bag of beans!

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