Southern Maui’s La Perouse Bay (Keoneoio Bay)

Located about 30-minutes from Kihei, Keoneoio, better known as La Perouse Bay, makes for a perfect half-day adventure for those looking to enjoy a coastal trail covered in lava rock. The waves (like the drive to get to this beach) can be a bit rough and the shore is rocky, so swimming isn’t recommended. But, bring a large towel and a picnic basket, find a spot, and enjoy the views.

The bay is located at the end of Makena Alanui Road (State Highway 31). You’ll find an unpaved parking lot at the end of the road. Hopefully you’ll find a space to park your car.


Before you start your hike, be sure to keep off of cultural sites, they are clearly marked.


The bay is named after French Admiral Jean-Francois Galaup, the first known European navigator to land at Keoneoio.


The coastal trail is a rocky one, but we survived with our slippers. Lather on the can be a scorcher on hot days.


…and then take tons of awesome pictures. The scenery, the environment, and the view is gorgeously calm.





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