Ono Hawaiian Foods: A Legendary Local Hole-In-The-Wall

UPDATE: The original Ono Hawaiian Foods closed mid 2017. The current occupants (no relation to the original owners) of the space decided to name their new restaurant “Da Ono Hawaiian Foods” but this is NOT the same restaurant/owners as the original. RIP Ono Hawaiian Foods. 

Forget about that burger. You’re in Hawaii, so have a taste of the local cuisine. When the laulau cravings strike, there’s one place to go: Ono Hawaiian Foods. This legendary hole-in-the-wall on Kapahulu Avenue is known for making some of the most mouthwatering laulau in the islands.

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Tanioka’s Seafoods & Catering: A Hawaii Food Institution

A visit to Tanioka’s Seafoods & Catering is like taking a crash course in Local Hawaiian Grinds 101. Founded in 1978 by Mel and Lynn Tanioka, this contemporary delicatessen has been serving local delicacies for nearly 30 years. Tanioka’s is as close as you can get to an IRL cheat sheet of local foods.

Located in the old plantation town of Waipahu, Tanioka’s popularity stems from their successful catering business, however, that doesn’t stop locals from standing in line (out the door and often in the hot sun) for some local comfort food. If Hawaii’s okazuya and crack seed shops of yesteryear were to have a baby, Tanioka’s would be it. And trust me, that baby is oh so delicious.

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