Eating House 1849 at Kapolei Commons

Kapolei is hardly the first place that pops to my mind when it comes to contemporary, modern dining. That said, Oahu’s “Second City” has been stepping up her game. The latest addition worth mentioning is Chef Roy Yamaguchi’s contribution to the westside, Eating House 1849. Located next to the Regal Kapolei Commons 12 Theater Complex, this is the second of three Eating House 1849 restaurants to pop up in the state. If you’re a fan of Roy’s, then you’ll likely want to make the drive out.

Breezy, open space.


Chef Roy has the quote “esposa feliz, vida feliz” at his other Eating House locations as well, including the Koloa location on Kauai. And if you’re wondering about the quote:

“The Eating House 1849 pays homage to Hawaii’s vibrant culinary heritage, a nod to restaurateurs like Peter Fernandez who, the story goes, opened one of the first restaurants in Hawaii, called the Eating House, back in the mid-1800s, using what was available from local farmers, ranchers, foragers and fishermen.”


Island tapas a plenty.


As with Roy’s other restaurant, you get a bowl of edamame in lieu of the traditional bread and butter.


Ahi and kampachi poke, sprinkled with some masago.


A side of garlic yuzu tarter to go with the fried calamari.


Eating House was running a New Year’s special when we visited and so we scored some free ribs…Roy’s Original Szechuan Ribs…in exchange of our movie stubs.


The Huli Huli Style Spicy Pork Belly with baby romaine, cilantro, and kochujang sauce.



This is the Kahumana Kale with beets, candied walnuts, and a sherry vinaigrette.



Kapolei Commons
4450 Kapolei Parkway #540
Kapolei HI 96707