A Quick Visit To Bubba Burgers In Hanalei

Ah, Hanalei. So many things to do and so many things to see. But when it comes to choosing a place to eat I always return to the place that serves old fashioned burgers…Bubba Burgers.

This is the view from outside of Bubba Burgers in Hanalei.


What will you be ordering?


A peek inside the kitchen. The burgers here are based on the same burger that owner John Greco’s father used to make at the old Coors Tavern in Pueblo, California. The recipe has been around since 1936. Old fashioned burgers, indeed.


A pair o’ Double Bubba, some onion rings, and french fries. Don’t forget to add cheese…



A single for those who just want a taste of Bubba goodness….this Bubba Burger was gobbled up in under a minute.


And we washed our burgers down with some classic Bubba Chili.


Bubba Burgers – Hanalei
5-5161 Kuhio Hwy
Hanalei, HI 96714

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