Hank’s Haute Dogs

In 2007, Hank Adaniya walked away from his highly acclaimed Chicago-based restaurant, Trio, to move to Hawaii to open a hot dog stand. This seemingly random diversion was nothing of the sort since his parents owned a small hot dog stand in Waikiki during the 1940’s. Fortunately for Adaniya, the high-end hot dog idea was a success and has become a go-to favorite for locals craving a great hot dog.

The Hank’s Haute Dog magic starts with this white paper bag. Open it up and the savory goodness begins.


The beef fat fries, they are awesome…


…but it’s the garlic aioli dipping sauce that fills me up with joy.


Hank’s Haute Dogs is of course known for their not-so-standard-issue hot dogs. This is Hank’s Lobster Dog with a house-made blend of lobster, shrimp and fish sausage seared in butter and topped with garlic-relish aioli, takuan, lettuce, and tomato.



My personal favorite is the bold chorizo sausage, with brown mustard, grilled onions, and cilantro.


And this is the Bratwurst topped with Dusseldorf mustard and sauerkraut.


The joint might be called Hank’s Haute Dogs, but, don’t sleep on their burgers. Yes, they do burgers now.



I always wash down my Hank’s hot dog with a Pineapple Ice…you won’t regret it, despite the guaranteed brain freeze.


Hank’s Haute Dogs
324 Coral St
Honolulu, HI 96813

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