Java Kai Coffee Bar And Their Japanese Flash Brew

Mission: Find great coffee…in Kauai. I quickly realized that I didn’t have to travel very far to taste the best coffee that Kauai has to offer. Java Kai, located in the bustling small town of Kapaa, is home to the best cuppa joe on the island.


I could have ordered my go-to cup of black coffee made with either 100% Kona, Kauai, or even Molokai beans. But, I found myself instantly drawn to the Japanese Flash Brew.


Everything is meticulously weighed. If you’re in a rush, then you’ll probably just want a regular coffee. The Flash Brew will be about a 10 minute wait.


Beans being weighed.


Some bean grinding action going on behind the scenes.


Grind being poured into the Chemex. I should note that I love to make pour over coffee using my Chemex at home. Highly recommended.


Of course, one of the keys to good coffee is to use water at the perfect temperature. When you make coffee, you’re kind of playing the role of makeshift chemist.


The Flash Brew process begins once the coffee touches the ice at the bottom of the Chemex.


The smell and sight of freshly brewed coffee is always a rush for my sensory systems.


And here’s the final product, a smooth, flash brewed, ice coffee.


…and a latte on the side…


The Ham and Egg Panini is my favorite dish on the menu. The pesto aioli spread on the ciabatta is always on point.



A generous serving of acai, blended with banana and apple juice, and then topped with fresh fruits, yogurt, and granola.


Java Kai’s take on the breakfast burrito. If you’re looking for a hearty dish, without the meat, then this is the way to go. It’s stuffed with eggs, potatoes, caramelized onions, and cheddar cheese.


I visited Java Kai 3 out of 5 days during a recent 5-day trip to Kauai. I probably would have gone 5-for-5, had I not been staying overnight in the mountains those other 2 days. Java Kai, a Kauai must try.

Java Kai
4-1384 Kuhio Hwy
Kapaa, HI 96746