Take A Bite Out of Old Kauai at Hamura’s Saimin Stand

According to owner Lori Tanigawa, the menu at Hamura’s Saimin Stand hasn’t changed much since her grandparents began selling saimin out of their car in 1951.


Each bowl of saimin is made by aunty in the back, and she’s been doing this for years. The fresh saimin noodles are made every day, before dawn, in the family home. About 800 pounds of noodles are sold daily at Hamura’s.


If you’ve got a tiny appetite, then the small-sized Regular Saimin will do just fine.


My personal favorite is the Won Ton Saimin. A few slices of pork alongside voluminous broth soaked won tons.


The Special is one of the local favorites on the menu that was not a part of the original 1951 menu. It’s got a little bit of everything: vegetables, luncheon meat, roast pork, kamaboko, and egg.


No order at Hamura’s would be complete without a side of BBQ Chicken.


An order of the lilikoi chiffon pie will turn an ordinary Hamura’s visit into an extraordinary one.


Next time you’re in Kauai, swing by Hamura’s Saimin Stand on Kress Street in Lihue. Swing the wooden door open and find a seat behind the counter. Look at the menu and choose a saimin. Don’t forget to order a few BBQ chicken sticks. And before you leave, you absolutely must have a slice of their lilikoi chiffon pie. Do all of that and you will walk out happy and full, like the woman below.


Hamura’s Saimin Restaurant
956 Kress St, Lihue, Kauai, HI 96766
Tel: 808-245-3271