Take A Bite Out of Old Kauai at Hamura’s Saimin Stand

According to owner Lori Tanigawa, the menu at Hamura’s Saimin Stand hasn’t changed much since her grandparents began selling saimin out of their car in 1951.


Kauai’s Historic Kilauea Point Lighthouse and National Wildlife Refuge

After you pay the meager $5 entrance fee, begin the short, quarter-mile walk to Kilauea Lighthouse. It’s been closed for restoration for some time now, but it’s back open for the public to enjoy. This would be my first time back in ten years.


My Big Hero 6 Moment and How I Lost Over 45 Pounds

My Big Hero 6 Moment

It’s November 2014 and I had let myself go. An estimated 35% of Americans are obese, with 3 of 4 men in the United States being overweight. I was now a part of this statistic, as confirmed by the tall mirror in my bedroom and my primary care physician. Something needed to change and I needed to find the motivation to change it.