Shipwreck Beach at Keoneloa Bay and the Coastal Mahaulepu Trail

No, there is no shipwreck, at least not anymore. Kauai locals have been calling Keoneloa Bay Shipwrecks, by some accounts, since the 1970’s, when an abandoned fishing boat could be seen from the shores. The ship was said to be over 100 feet long. The shipwreck, however, hasn’t been seen since 1982, when either Hurricane Iwa washed it away or it was officially removed.

What does remain at Keoneloa Bay is a popular cliff that stands about 50 feet above the ocean. Occasionally, you might see daredevils jumping from this lithified cliff, as Harrison Ford did in the 1998 movie Six Days Seven Nights. Others might prefer to walk along the petrified sand dunes that extend beyond the cliff at Shipwrecks. The Mahaulepu Trail continues for two more miles beyond Shipwreck Beach.

I snapped this shot just after I placed my towel down on the soft sand.


Shipwrecks is popular amongst surfers, boogie boarders, and body surfers.


Of course, I had to climb up the popular cliff. You can see that Shipwrecks fronts the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort. Shipwrecks was hidden for many years prior to resort development, and for the few that knew about its existence, was only accessible via old dirt sugarcane roads.


The trail meanders on for two miles. Along the way, you are treated to very scenic coastal views.


Don’t be surprised if you stumble upon the occasional sunbather, in varying amounts of clothing, of course.



After my short walk along the Mahaulepu Trail, I sat, relaxed, and waited for the sun to set.



It was a slow sunset.


Of course, slow sunsets are the best kind.