5 To Try: Kona Coffee

When in Kona, you drink coffee. You drink a lot of coffee. That’s what you do. Below you’ll find five coffee shop stops that we made during a recent trip to Kona. Do note that the locations chosen below were selected based on location and convenience. This is by no means a Top 5 list of any kind.

Mai Grille, Waikoloa. They offer a Kau coffee or a 10% Kona Blend. I passed on the Kona Blend and went straight for the beans from Kau. I had it black, it was strong. Many refills followed.

Mai Grille
69-622 Waikoloa Beach Dr
Waikoloa Village, HI 96738


Daylight Mind Coffee Company, Waikoloa. I’ve been wanting to visit the Kailua-Kona location for a while now. Of course, when we visited there was an outbreak of dengue fever around that particular area of the island…and so we stayed away. Instead, we checked out the new Waikoloa location. Daylight Mind has a modern and hip vibe. Very hipster, if you will. Oh, yeah, the coffee was good. I had a latte. Though, I was a bit sad that no latte art accompanied the latte. I was expecting the latte art. That said, best latte experience the entire trip. I’d definitely return for more coffee from Daylight. Jus looking at the photo below makes me lust for more.

Daylight Mind
69-201 Waikoloa Beach Dr, Set J1
Waikoloa, HI 96738


Kimobean Hawaiian Coffee, Mauna Lani. About a half-mile-walk from the beach at Mauna Lani you’ll find Kimobean Hawaiian Coffee. It made for the perfect pit stop during my morning walks. I chose to go with their 100% Kona drip coffee. Bold taste. That banana nut muffin…not too shabby, either.

Kimobean Hawaiian Coffee
68-1330 Mauna Lani Dr #300
Waimea, HI 96743


Ueshima Coffee Company (UCC), Holualoa. Probably the best cup of black coffee was had at the UCC farm in Holualoa. Bold and fresh taste. This Japanese owned coffee farm serves up Legit Kona coffee. I could see the plants from which the beans had come from just feet in front of me. I ended up buying a few bags of their estate grown 100% Kona Coffee.

Ueshima Coffee Company (UCC)
75-5568 Mamalahoa Highway
Holualoa, HI 96725


Island Lava Java, Waikoloa. Good latte, but a little too much milk. Enjoyable, though not as strong as I would have liked it. Again, no latte art. Sad face.

Island Lava Java
68-1845 Waikoloa Rd
Waikoloa Village, HI 96738


There was actually a #6 to the list, which was actually the first coffee stop during our trip. I had a Mac Nut Latte from Mountain Thunder Coffee at the Mauna Lani Bay. It was tasty, though, maybe a bit too much milk for my liking. For some reason I forgot to take a photo…so unlike me, I know.