Klean Kanteen: The Insulated Water Bottle That Works

For some reason, Hawaii has been obsessed with that insulated bottle brand that starts with an H and ends with a K. You know what brand I’m talking about. Thing is, that brand of water bottle always seems to break down on on me. Yup, I’ve never had a Hydro Flask last longer than three months. I’ve even sent back for replacement bottles (read the very bottom for more information on said replacements), only to have the replacement bottle then break down. And by break down I mean it no longer will maintain insulation as promised. In other words, they sucked.

Enter Klean Kanteen. Klean Kanteen renewed my faith in the insulated water bottle market.

I’ve been using my Klean Kanteen bottles for a few weeks now, and I love them. I recently took the insulated 32oz. bottle out on a couple of hikes in the hot Hawaiian sun. A few hours later and there’s still ice in the Klean Kanteen. I have high hopes that my insulated Klean Kanteen bottles will last longer than the three months that seems to be the shelf life of a standard Hydro¬†Flask bottle.

Everyone, do yourselves a favor and ditch the Hydro Flask. Buy a Klean Kanteen.


As a side note, I understand that Hydro Flask has a lifetime warranty on their products. That’s cool. What’s not cool is that you have to pay to actually ship their defective product back to them so that they can inspect it and mail back a replacement. I paid a little over $7 to mail back my old 40oz Hydro Flask. The replacement bottle lasted about 2 months before it broke down as well. Do I want to pay another $7 to have a replacement (for my replacement) sent back to me? No, not really. Should Hydro Flask offer to pay for shipping for products that are deemed defective? Yes.

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Baron, I bought two of them (40oz and 20oz). The 40oz stopped keeping insulation within two months or so. Got it replaced through their warranty program and then the replacement 40oz broke within three months. The 20oz broke down and started to not keep insulation within 3 months, too. I decided to just skip getting that one replaced. I did not drop any of the bottles. No cracks on the outsides. So I’m guessing it has to do with a faulty insulation mechanism of some kind. I’ve moved on from the Hydro Flask all together.

Hi Oliver, yeah I can fit normal sized ice cubes from my fridge. Pricing is about the same as Hydro Flask…roughly a buck per ounce, but I’m sure you can find them cheaper online…I got mine from Amazon.

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